Gregory Ray was born June 5th in California. He picked up his first guitar at age 12. He knew what he wanted to do from that moment on and that was to make music. His influences include Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith along with many other talented artists. Here you will also find songs written and recorded by Gregory Ray as well as some cover songs. Thank you for stopping by and for all your support. Gregory Ray was quoted saying "

Gregory Ray Featured in Indie Artists Magazine , May 11th 2018  By Randy Lockhart-Editor-in-Chief

High Pains Drifter 

Somewhere in the distance across the desert plains, he dodges another bounty once again, they say he never loved a woman, he never had a home, he's the high plains drifter riding alone, he's riding through the crimson rain, and the marshals on his trail just the same, will his ashes dust the canyon floor, or will he be remembered on a stone, He's the high plains drifter riding alone,